Company Philosophy

RCN has been a manufacturer of quality healthcare equipment for over 30 years, striving to provide high quality products and to offer the market better solutions through innovation and by staying in touch with its customers. This outstanding customer interaction allows RCN to always find the most efficient product designs and solutions which makes RCN stand out in the healthcare market.

Our philosophy rests on four main pillars:

Customer focus
Direct contact with its customers and its end users is a high priority for us. The customer has been, is and remains the focus point of our activities since only then can we respond best to their needs and offer practical solutions. As part of this focus we offer short delivery time, an outstanding customer service and quality products at an affordable cost.

Motivation and competence
Our employees are motivated, qualified and strive to live up to the company’s goals, they know that the customer always remains the center of our endeavors and that the quality of our products is essential for our success.

Made in Germany
We develop and manufacture high quality products in the heart of Germany, in a rural area about 100 km west of Frankfurt. In our manufacturing processes we use modern technology as well as rely on hand made skills. We always strive to live up to “Made in Germany”.

Sustainability and efficiency are of utmost importance.  For us, Economy and Ecology are not in contradiction and we strive to use the Earth’s resources wisely. Products made by us are the most compelling example of our stated goal given their extreme longevity and their recyclability.  Also, we heat our manufacturing plant with renewable energy materials and we gain almost all of our electricity needs from solar installations.