Company History

When you look at the broad product range offered by RCN today it is hard to imagine that it all started a little more than thirty years ago with one product, a simple Shower Chair on wheels.

A product idea that employees of a Nursing Home in Michigan/ USA presented one day to one of our managing partners, who at the time was in charge of operating the Nursing Home, was unlike any chair then on the market. There was something special about this chair, it had been perceived and developed by people that actually had become frustrated with what they were being offered and that were looking for a better solution; a chair that would not rust, would be safe and would not have to be replaced every 6 months. They created this chair with furniture grade plastic components that proved to be sturdy, long lasting, easy to clean and warm to the touch. This rudimentary chair actually started a revolution in the health care equipment industry.

Since then we have come a long way, as you will see, but we still use modular plastic components that have become the trademark of our products and we still value the input of those that actually work in hospitals and nursing homes to find the best solutions for their daily work with patients they care for. Using standardized plastic components and modular design allows us to create an almost countless number of product structures and thus respond to the most specific requests.

Thus, the simple, no rust shower chair has evolved into a product line that shows its origins and the input by healthcare professionals. Products such as a truly multifunctional Shower- and Commode chair, an anti-tip footrest that always stays with the chair and easily slides back and forth, a safety bar that protects patients from falling out of the chair or a two part toilet seat that allows optimal access, all these and many more features have their origins in requests and suggestions from the healthcare field.

Always willing to listen to its customers’ needs has given RCN its standing in the industry and still is the basis of for our success. Today over 100 employees in two manufacturing plants – in Germany for the European and in the US for the American markets – manufacture and distribute this unique healthcare equipment line.
Innovation and attention to detail and quality interact between the two places and make sure that we stay ahead in the marketplace.

Undoubtedly, you can expect more innovative and practical product solutions from our creative team.