About us

We put each and every individual at the center of good care!

In developing its products, RCN always follows strict guidelines that our products are to be user friendly, comfortable and easy to handle to ensure that the caregivers have more time to spend interacting with their patients.

From shower stools to multipurpose shower-/ commode chairs, from XXL bathing equipment to Shower- and Transport Gurneys, from linen hampers to linen carts and a whole array of multipurpose carts, from isolation stations to chart carts – RCN offers a vast selection of products for the daily care  of  every person in hospitals and nursing homes alike. Practical options and friendly colors let you “create” the product that best fits your needs.

At the base of all RCN products is our proprietary modular system consisting of the best furniture grade plastic components available. This makes them extremely sturdy and long lasting, friendly to the touch while offering great versatility in design. Last but not least, all RCN products are guaranteed never to rust.

Keeping in constant contact with the professionals in healthcare helps us go beyond the normal role of an innovative manufacturer in designing our products. We listen to what they tell us what their needs are and how we can make our products so they can make their daily work easier.

Talk to us about custom solutions, we will always try to find a solution that will make you smile!
All RCN products are Made in Germany and come with a five year warranty on the plastic structure.

Contact us so we can show you why you should select RCN for your healthcare equipment needs.