XXL Products

Solutions for larger patients

RCN offers a broad selection of products for heavier patients. Due to its modular design, using high quality plastic components, RCN can build chairs of almost any size - for transporting, showering and toileting.

The popular XXL Shower and Commode Chairs from RCN are available in two standard sizes: as XL Series for up to 200 kg weight capacity and seat widths ranging from 46 to 54 cm and as OS Series for up to 250 kg weight capacity and 56 to 60 cm seat widths. Chairs with weight capacities above 250 and up to 400 kg need to be custom built to best adapt to individual needs.

Our XXL Shower Stools support weights up to 300 kg. As is customary with RCN,  the seat height of any stool or chair within the XXL segment can be requested to fit the individual need at no additional cost. Furthermore RCN offers XXL Wheelchairs, XXL Transport and Room Chairs, XXL Shower and Transfer Gurneys and the XXL Walker especially for heavy people.

Tell us what your patient needs, choose the right dimensions, the level of comfort, the special safety features and we build the product that will not only suit the patients' needs but also make the life of those who care easier.