For a safer mobility!

The RCN Walker GW 120 offers safety in movement like no other walking aid. It was developed with the clear aim to keep people with increasing walking difficulties moving without fear thus keeping them mobile longer. Patients feel safe to walk due to the integrated seat that lets them sit down and rest whenever they need. It invites them to walk, stay mobile and is thus a very valuable aid for therapeutic exercise. Staying mobile has, of course, very positive effects on any person's overall condition. Keep Patients out of the wheelchair and avoid restraints – with the Walker GW 120 from RCN.

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The Combo-Walker CW 300 is a gait trainer for patients that lack sufficient strength in their forearms to use the RCN Walker GW 120. It is arm height adjustable to allow comfortable positioning of the elbows on the soft pad. If needed, the patient can be secured with a flexible seat attached to the frame by adjustable belts. The patient can thus walk and sit to rest without leaving the Walker.