Shower and Transfer Gurneys

Here you are right!

The Series UDW Shower Gurneys from RCN are ideal for transporting and showering patients. These gurneys are equipped with a powder coated stainless steel frame and a padded soft tub-liner. More features, such as drop-down side and foot-end rails, fold down head-end rail, height adjustment, Anti- / Trendelenburg positioning and a continuous adjustable backrest, make this high-quality gurney a very special nursing aid.

Models of the UDL Series offer customary RCN quality at a very affordable cost – a true alternative for tighter budgets. Their sturdy frames, made with RCN specific plastic components, are built to support high load factors while being lightweight and offering exceptional longevity. The soft tub-liner offers comfort, is easy to disinfect and to clean.

RCN Shower and Transfer Gurneys: unbeatable in quality, performance and total cost of ownership!