SNW 100 (technique package 1)

A cart for almost all senses - the new senses activation cart from RCN


  • Cart carrying cabinet with two swinging doors and one height adjustable shelf, one lockable drawer and one lockable technique compartment that opens by lifting the top plate and slide it to the back
  • Glass cylinder to hold water for light effects
  • Color drapes on rotating and removable rod
  • High-quality Hi-Fi system
  • Light globe
  • Scent atomizer with light effects
  • Cabinet made of scratch resistant laminate RESOPAL® HPL
  • UV-resistant and compatible with most disinfectants
  • Frame made of RCN proprietary high impact plastic
  • 4 ∅100 mm twin-wheel swivel casters made of plastic and stainless steel- all locking
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 year warranty (electrical equipment excluded)
  • 5 year extended warranty on RCN special plastic frame

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